Easy Tips And Strategies For kog betting usa

King of Glory (KoG) or also known as Honor of Kings is a popular mobile MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena game which is somewhat similar to the game loved by many, League of Legends. The game was created by Tencent Games back in 2015 and was later published by the same company.

The game starts with 2 teams with 5 players each on their designated maps. The team which is successful in destroying their opponent’s nexus wins the game. The premise of the game may sound too easy for some but it takes a lot of experience, skills and strategies to ensure that the team wins the game.

Make Money From King Of Glory 

The game has been very popular since it was launched and they have a huge following in Mainland China. In 2017, it was estimated that there are over 2 million active players of the game and this number is steadily rising through the years.

The KoG game is quite enjoyable and has very exciting features which make it a good platform for esports. The game now produces many tournaments with prize pools reaching up to $180,000. The game has also reported that there are over 150,000 active players daily which makes it a good platform for gamblers and avid players to earn extra money.

Betting Guide For Newbies

Choosing the best betting site plays a crucial role in your money-making adventure with King of Glory. A quick Google search will give you a list of sites for kog betting usa and this will give you a chance to check out the sites before you become a member.

The betting site must also have the following features or options:

– Fair betting odds and options

– Available betting markets

– User-friendly interface

– Top of the line security features

– Varied payment and withdrawal options

– Generous bonuses or promos such as deposits or welcome bonuses for new member

After picking out the best betting site, your next step is to research the participants of the tournament through their stats or history. In that way, you will be able to make a well-informed decision that can help you pick the best team or individual player that can help you win the bet.

It is also important to know the various available betting markets such as the following:

– Advantages of the cards

– Exact score of the event or match

– First blood or the first kill

– Match winner

– The most number of kills during the game

There are still a few other betting options which will vary depending on the site. Bettors can also have the opportunity to place more bets on different markets within the game and not just limited to which team will covet the winning prize.

If you want more chances of winning, so make sure to research the team before betting. There are several major teams involved in King of Glory which has already gained notoriety because of their number of wins.